14K White Gold
1/2 carat total weight diamonds
Cultured Freshwater Pearls


Two cultured freshwater pearls rest upon each collarbone for a cool, sleek vibe on this totally on- trend collar. With sparkling diamonds on the back, switch it up by reversing the collar for a totally different look. This modern torque is minimalistic and fashion-forward, perfect for the trend-setter. We envision pairing this collar with an off the shoulder cocktail dress, but it’s versatile enough to make even a white tee look chic.

Revel Pearl & Diamond Torque

SKU: N00195


    A carat is a unit of weight measurement for gemstones and diamonds. One carat is subdivided into 100 equal parts called points, with each point equaling 1/100th or .01 of a carat. No two diamonds and stones are exactly alike; therefore weight fractions are approximate and refer to a range of weight in decimal numbers. The chart linked above explains the range that diamonds and stones must fall into to be considered a certain weight or carat.

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