House of Virtruve finished a successful JCK Las Vegas 2018,

giving customers a taste of jewelry’s top looks this year

JCK Las Vegas is the leading jewelry event in North America, open only to industry professionals that features a diverse mix of suppliers and products from around the world.


After a positive and fast paced show, the industry is buzzing about this season’s hottest and most sought-after trends.


House of Virtruve has showcased and successfully incorporated these dynamic looks into their collections, highlighting the contemporary yet wearable edge of the brand aimed to inspire individuality and creativity. 

This year hoops are haute, and gold remains glamorous. House of Virtruve displayed an abundance of both at JCK Vegas. House of Virtruve offered a vast variety of hoop sizes and styles to keep customers on top of, and ahead of the biggest trends. Whether it was new shapes or diamond-encrusted twists, House of Virtruve had the variations and the unique individuality that customers wanted.

HOV kept up with looks seen across the globe this season, embracing the edge and ingenuity flooding the runway. Designers are playing with contrast and balance, devoting space to fashion that challenges the ordinary. Single earrings are one of the biggest looks, stretching beyond small studs and into striking choices like spikes, safety pins, and crawler shapes. Likewise, mix-and-match bold earrings are on the rise, capturing the industry’s ever-changing spirit. 

Innovation and adaptation permeated the show, designers are pairing unexpected statement necklaces with elegant collars and simple gold strands. This demand for a variety of timeless pieces with a twist is where House of Virtruve shines by blending bold and trendy jewelry with the confidence that comes with creating your own story. 

HOV is constantly creating limit pushing pieces with their unique designs, defining a new modern luxury. Customers responded to House of Virtruve’s stand out items including bold collars, upside down faceted “thorn” enhanced black diamonds, cuff earrings and revamped pearls. Each design presents a distinct vision that remains fresh and vogue. 

The look of JCK 2018 was complex and multifaceted, with consumers championing diversity and jewelry that offers modern and on-trend style. House of Virtruve continues to cultivate creativity and provide the unique individuality of feminine and edge to a vast market. The success of the JCK Show solidified customers’ appreciation of House of Virtruve’s trending styles, unique individuality and efforts to cater to an ever-changing consumer.

© 2019 House of Virtruve

 by Amanda Rigby & Dawn Santos